OOGEEP Wants People to Know About Jobs Available in Oil and Gas Industry

From The Daily Jeffersonian:
For those looking for alternatives to a four-year college, high-paying trade jobs are readily available.

“We’ve done a disservice telling people they need to get a degree. It’s trades we need,” said Rhonda Reda, Executive Director at OOGEEP, or Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program, a nonprofit group.

The organization travels around the state educating people on the many different careers available within the industry. Reda spoke at a “Coffee and Commerce” informational session hosted by the Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce at the Southgate Hotel in Cambridge on Thursday.

“People often don’t realize home many jobs are out there,” said Reda. “They only think of the guy on the oil rig, but there are 82 different careers in this field.”

According to the U.S. Department of Education, people with technical training are more likely to be employed in their field than those with academic degrees.

“We’re constantly talking about how we can create jobs and keep them here,” said Jo Sexton, president of the Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce. “This is one of the ways we can do that.”
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