FERC Grants One Rover Pipeline Requests, Continues to Hold Up Others Until Company Follows Through on Restoration Work

From NGI:
FERC on Wednesday issued a certificate order approving a new meter station designed to allow Rover Pipeline LLC to tap additional supplies out of eastern Ohio via its its Burgettstown Lateral. 
UGS would build 5,060 feet of 12-inch diameter pipe to connect to the station, while Rover (UGS) Uploaded by Utica Gas Services LLC (UGS) has proposed building an ultrasonic meter skid and other ancillary facilities in Jefferson County near Mile Post 30.5 of its Burgettstown line, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission documents show. 
The project, estimated to cost $ 4.7 million, will be located within the existing Burgettstown Lateral right-of-way. 
According to FERC's certificate order, Range Resources Appalachia LLC plans to use the UGS-Crawford station as a secondary receipt point into the supply area of ​​Rover's system. 
"Range Resources will compensate UGS for its costs, and the costs incurred by Rover, for metering facilities constructed at the Burgettstown Lateral receipt point," according to FERC.
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