Belmont County Preparing for Cracker Plant; Final Decision Coming Soon?

From WTOV:

Leaders across the Ohio Valley continue to prepare for a possible cracker plant in Belmont County.

The preparations are happening on both sides of the river.

City leaders in Moundsville said they believe a change is coming and they want to be ready for it.

"This Valley is going to be something very, very special, but we have to get ready and we can't wait,” said Moundsville Vice Mayor Philip Remke. “We have to be prepared, and if for some reason this $10 billion project doesn't come, there is ground and room for something else very special.”
Meanwhile, Ohio Rep. Andy Thompson had this to say at a meeting of the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association:
“What the study revealed was the strategic financial advantage we have over building on the Gulf Coast. … It was a wake-up call for a lot of folks down there,” Thompson said, referring to a conference in Texas. “We had one meeting with Dow Chemical, and they were not exactly happy to hear about that study.” 
Thompson said the Shale Crescent USA region is appealing to a lot of international companies. 
“We think the (PTT Global) thing is going to be positive and hope to hear about that in a month or so,” Thompson said, referring to a potential ethane cracker plant proposed for Belmont County. “But there should be additional cracker plants that get built, because we have that much resource to make that happen.”
Read the rest of that article from the Times Leader by clicking here. 

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