Cabot Oil and Gas Target Richland County for Next Test Well

From the Mansfield News Journal:
Officials of Cabot Oil and Gas Company said they are looking at a test site in Richland County to determine if horizontal hydraulic fracturing wells may produce a viable source of natural gas and or oil deep underground.

The officials did not give a specific location when they met Tuesday with the Richland County commissioners to give an overview of current operations in a neighboring county. 
The Houston-based company, which has a new local information office in Jeromesville, is drilling vertical exploratory wells on Township Road 2375 in Green Township north of Perrysville, and in Mohican Township south of Jeromesville. They are planning a third in Vermillion Township. In Richland County, Cabot officials said they have talked with officials in Monroe Township and the villages of Lucas and Butler, as well as an area landowner coalition. 
“We’re evaluating an area and we believe we’re going to be submitting a permit in the near term,” said John Smelko, environmental regulations manager. “The road it leads on is going to be a state route and, in most cases, we try to stay on state routes as much as we can.”
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