Officials Impressed by Tour of Oregon Clean Energy Center

From The Toledo Blade:
Representatives of the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association liked what they saw Wednesday when they got a tour of the Oregon Clean Energy Center located at 816 N. Lallendorf Rd., Oregon. 
The combined cycle, privately-funded natural gas plant has been operating a little more than a year, going online July 1, 2017. But when it’s at full power — and Peter Rigney, Power Plant Management Services LLC’s projects general manager, says that’s pretty often — it cranks out 960 megawatts of electricity, more than the 908 megawatts produced by the FirstEnergy Solutions Davis-Besse nuclear plant about 26 miles to the east when it’s at full power. 
Mr. Rigney said it also has a fraction of the nuclear plant’s overhead, with 21 employees compared to Davis-Besse’s 700. He jokingly said his entire work force is considerably smaller than just Davis-Besse’s security team.
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