Rover Pipeline Gives Natural Gas Prices a Boost

From NGI:
Energy Transfer Partners LP's Rover Pipeline was flowing just above 600 MMcf/d out of eastern Ohio Wednesday after ramping up over the holiday weekend, helping to lift Appalachian Basin prices amid recent weakness at regional hubs. 
After receiving its in-service authorization from FERC last week, Rover began flowing last Friday, delivering 258 MMcf/d from the Ohio River System (ORS) in Cadiz, OH, to interconnects with Panhandle Eastern and ANR in northwest Ohio, according to data from PointLogic Energy. 
As of Wednesday, Rover had ramped up to more than 600 MMcf/d, delivering volumes received from the Ohio River System and from MarkWest's Cadiz processing plant to ANR and Panhandle, PointLogic data show. 
Genscape Inc. reported similar volumes and said in a recent note to clients that it has observed "continuing growth in ORS deliveries to Rover, while ORS deliveries to REX and Tetco have flattened/declined, suggesting that incremental growth of the system will continue to be seen via Rover volumes. The vast amount of Rover volumes are rerouted from REX and Tetco, though there is a small amount of incremental production growth evident in the ORS based on overall aggregate volumes being delivered."
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