Ohio Farmer Shares Account of Rover Pipeline Problems

From MDN:
Not everyone on the “pro” side of the pipeline issue is happy with Rover Pipeline and the work they’ve done in Ohio. You know that MDN is supportive of the Rover project. You also know that MDN believes Craig Butler, director of the Ohio EPA, is way out of line with his campaign to fine Rover $2.3 million. However, Rover is not lily white in their handling of building the pipeline across Ohio. They’ve made mistakes. And they’ve made some enemies of the people who should be their biggest supporters–farmers whose land they cross. MDN editor Jim Willis recently spoke with one of those farmers, from the Definance, OH area. Ben Polasek owns a farm that has been in the family for four generations. He plants wheat, corn, and soybeans on his Ohio land. Polasek says he is a strong supporter of the energy industry–and of pipelines. However, he says, “Rover has not shown any respect for the landowners of this project.” Polasek says Rover made promises–like being able to access fields he needs to plant–only to see those promises broken. He also believes Rover didn’t properly plan for the heavy rains that caused his property to become a mud pit in areas where Rover was working. With pictures (below) and an impassioned letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (also below), Polasek is asking FERC to hold Rover responsible for the damage done to his, and other farmer’s, property…
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