Cabot Reaches Settlement with Dimock Families

From PA Homepage:
Nearly six months after a federal judge threw out a multi-million dollar verdict in a water contamination trial, the case has now been quietly settled. 
According to a court filing late last week, two families from Susquehanna County and Cabot Oil & Gas have reached a settlement. 
The one-page court document says the civil lawsuit has been "amicably resolved" by the parties and the lawsuit is being dismissed without prejudice. 
The settlement brings to a close a nearly decade-long fight. 
There is no denying that Cabot Oil & Gas and other natural gas drilling companies have made their mark in Susquehanna County. 
For some, news that there is now a settlement in the high-profile water contamination lawsuit in Dimock is not surprising. 
"No. I'm not surprised because I think sometimes people ask too much, you know? They expect, okay, their big money and I'm going to get big money," Janet Hogle of New Milford said.
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