NEXUS Pipeline Opponents Not Giving Up Fight

From the Toledo Blade:
Mr. Parker said the approval by the Ohio EPA will put the company on track to begin construction this fall, with the third quarter of 2018 targeted for when gas would begin to flow. 
Next is a notice to proceed with construction from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. But citizen groups fighting the pipeline’s construction say they plan to continue to challenge the project in court. 
Paul Gierosky of Coalition to Re-Route Nexus said a May 12 federal lawsuit out of Akron about the pipeline is still pending. The group also plans to file for rehearings on FERC’s decision, and will also appeal in federal court the commission’s decision to issue the notice to proceed, which is expected. 
The Ohio EPA’s decision was not surprising, Mr. Gierosky said. 
"The states have control over this,” he said. “We have had absolutely no support from our governor on this.”
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