ETP Earnings Call Provides Update on Rover Pipeline

From Seeking Alpha's transcript of Energy Transfer Partner's second quarter earnings call:
As to Rover, construction of Phase 1 is substantially complete with 100% cleared and graded and the pipes strong, welded and lowered in. We expect to be finished with the construction of Phase 1a from Cadiz to Defiance by next week and plan to immediately ask for permission to bring Phase 1a in service. On Phase 1b from Seneca to Cadiz, once we receive approval from FERC to drill under Captina Creek, we believe we will have it drilled and completed in approximately 40 days, at which point we will request FERC permission to bring this segment into service. When approved, all of Phase 1 will be in service. We are waiting on approval from FERC to resume drilling the HDDs. In the meantime, we continue construction on all phases of the pipeline except the HDDs. Assuming quick resolution by FERC regarding Phase 2, we expect to be in service by the end of November or early December with full commercial service in January. On our Revolution project, construction is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2017.
View the entire transcript by clicking here.

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