Antero Resources Continuing Utica Shale Development

From Seeking Alpha's transcript of Antero Resources' second quarter earnings call:
Holly Stewart 
Okay and then maybe, final one for me. Since you hit on Rover, the delays. I know you guys have kind of shifted some activity back to the Utica in preparation for that project coming online has this delay impacted any thoughts on kind of the development schedule? 
Paul Rady 
Not really, those Utica wells and pads are being drilled down, so we're timing the completion to dovetail with Rover Phase 1 as it arrives at Seneca, our latest estimate and obviously we're in contact with both energy transfer on the Rover project as well as with regulatory people on the other side and do see that the project is moving forward. We expect Rover Phase 1 to get to Seneca in September, October and so we'll time the completion of our pads there in the Utica to that. And then we would expect Rover Phase 2, it's probably a month or two behind that. So we're thinking October, November for Phase 2 to come to sure would, that certainly will have plenty of production that will be moving through Phase 2 Rover, when it arrives in the third and fourth quarters.
Read the whole transcript by clicking here. 

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