Top Fracking Executive Harold Hamm Shares Thoughts on Donald Trump and More

From Bloomberg, the following is an excerpt from an interview with Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm:
As it relates to energy policy, what do you want to see from the next president? 
Well, somebody’s going to have to change the rhetoric on the fossil fuel industry and not have a target on everybody’s back in this industry and trying to put us out of business. 
Do you see Hillary Clinton as Obama 2.0? What does she mean for the oil and gas industry? 
Well, just listen to what she said, that she’s going to stop pressure treatment of wells. That pretty much would put an end to everything [for shale development]. And for what? I mean, it’s been proven, you know, there hasn’t been any [environmental] damage from that. 
For the Republican Party, what happened during the past four years that fed the rise of Mr. Trump? 
It’s not just in the Republican Party; I think it’s basically across the country. Call it the Washington disconnect. While working there to lift the crude-oil export ban, I got a real feeling that there was a huge disconnect between the everyday American worker, the average American, and Washington. There wasn’t any attention being paid to it. And I think that’s played out with this entire process. The people that weren’t insiders necessarily have fared very well. And yes, Donald Trump is not a politician.
Read the whole interview by clicking here.

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