FERC Listens to Opposition to NEXUS Pipeline

From The Toledo Blade:
Dozens of people came out Wednesday night to tell the federal government they don’t want NEXUS Gas Transmission to build a 255-mile pipeline across Ohio and into parts of southeast Michigan and southwest Ontario. 
But few were pleased by the format the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission used to receive their comments. 
Instead of a traditional public hearing, in which people air their views at a lectern in front of a large audience, FERC directed attendees into the Swanton High School cafeteria, instructed them to wait until their assigned numbers were called, then had one of two court reporters take down their comments in private, one-on-one sessions away from everyone else. 
Many said it was almost like FERC didn’t want a repeat of a March 16 Ohio Environmental Protection Agency hearing at which a standing-room-only crowd of about 600 packed the nearby Waterville Primary community room over a controversial site selected for a major compressor station.
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