Duke University Files $9.9 Million Claim Against Aubrey McClendon's Estate, Then Withdraws It

From the Wall Street Journal:
Duke University said it has withdrawn a claim for about $10 million it made against the estate of oil man Aubrey McClendon, who died before he could make good on pledges the North Carolina college said he made to his alma mater.
A spokesman for the university said paperwork asking to withdraw the claim was filed on Friday in the Oklahoma City district court where the Chesapeake Energy Corp. co-founder’s estate is being wound down. Records in that case show the claim was filed Aug. 12, but it was only made public last week and first reported by The Wall Street Journal.
“While submitting such claims is generally a routine procedure, in this case our action was misperceived as adversarial to the McClendon family, which was never the intention,” a Duke spokesman said in an email. “Aubrey was one of our most passionate and loyal graduates, always willing to support Duke when asked. We are deeply sorry for any pain this has caused the McClendon family.”
There certainly are a lot of vultures circling McClendon's estate.  Duke looks better for withdrawing the claim than it did by filing it.  Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

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