Meigs County Elections Board Strikes Down Anti-Drilling Charter

From the Athens Messenger:
A home rule charter submitted for placement on the November ballot has been ruled invalid by the Meigs County Board of Elections. If the decision stands, it means the issue will not be on the ballot.

The 4-0 vote by the board was taken during a meeting Thursday afternoon.

As required by state law, the board has notified the Meigs County Commissioners of its decision. In a letter to the commissioners, the elections board stated that the proposed charter does not meet the threshold requirements of Ohio Revised Code 302.02 because it seeks to create an alternative form of government without the requirement of having an elected or appointed county executive. 
“It’s a false argument, they’re all being coached by the secretary of state,” said Greg Howard, a member of the Meigs County Home Rule Committee that submitted the charter petition to the elections board.
This will surely not be the end of this issue, as the activists who are pushing for the charter will undoubtedly pursue further steps to get the measure to a vote.

Read the whole article by clicking here.

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