Op-Ed Says More Shale Drilling Can Help Fight Terrorism

From Investors.com:
President Obama says he's taking every step to thwart the Islamic State terrorism threat. Alas, that isn't so. We can and should drill our vast oil and gas resources to reduce petro-dollar funding of ISIS. 
But for this administration — hyper-obsessed as it is with its crusade against fossil fuels — fighting a war against terrorism remains a distant second priority. 
The dollars ISIS uses to buy arms, train terrorists, make bombs and build a network of murderous operatives around the world come from Middle East oil. 
Every credible news agency and intelligence report tells us they are able to wreak world havoc because they have as much as $50 million of oil money flowing in each month. 
One obvious way to disrupt those now threatening to launch Paris-like attacks in London, Washington, D.C., New York and elsewhere is to produce more oil right here in the U.S. — depriving terrorists in the Mideast of a major part of their revenue stream.
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The comments on the article reveal a mix of opinions on this idea.  What do you think?  Would more oil and gas drilling in the U.S. really deal a blow to ISIS?

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