Anti-Drillers Sound Alarm About Radium Release if Fracking Occurs in Wayne National Forest

From The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register:
Opponents of natural gas fracking in the 241,000-acre Wayne National Forest believe the process will release radioactive radium and other hazardous materials, while those in favor said drillers need to operate in the woodland so mineral owners can realize their properties' profit potential.

The forest covers much of Monroe County, home of two notable fracking-related accidents last year. Environmentalists fear the dangers of fracking, in addition to risks associated with the pipelines needed to transport the natural gas, oil and liquids derived from the wells. Now , the Columbus-based Buckeye Forest Council hopes to prevent the US Bureau of Land Management from allowing fracking in the wildlife area. 
"It took 350 million years for radium and its daughter elements to become isolated from the surface of the earth so that our carbon-based life forms could even develop," Terry Lodge, an attorney working for the council, said. "The worst threat oil and gas workers and the public have never heard of from fracking is that nearly 100 percent of the wastes are radioactive. "
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