Canadian Company Designs Inconspicuous Compressor Stations

From Powersource:
The yellow-sided house has a sloping roof with a brown cupola on the ridge, dormers and a covered front porch — a convincing picture of domestic comfort except for a boxy addition on one side with a black pipe jutting from the second story that begins to give the illusion away. 
The house is the handiwork of Noise Solutions, an Alberta, Canada, company with a plant in Sharon that specializes in discretion. Its main work is minimizing noise from industrial operations like natural gas compressor stations, but it can also limit the machinery’s visual impact by adding clever facades that look like houses, sheds or barns. 
“Once you get up to it, you realize that it’s just an industrial building, but from a distance it looks like a little homestead or a little house in a field,” said Steve Morgan, Noise Solutions’ executive vice president. 
“Maybe you’ve driven right by it and you just don’t know it’s there.” 
This is the season for masters of disguise — when hunters prepare their camouflage and normally well-adjusted people can win praise for dressing up like pizza rat or putting their cats in pirate costumes. But for companies that can cloak a large piece of oil and gas infrastructure so it looks less intrusive on the landscape, these are not boom times.
Read more, and see an example of what these structures look like, by clicking here.

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