Bernie Sanders Supports Bill Banning Fossil Fuel Development on Federal Lands

From Mother Jones:
Bernie Sanders announced on Wednesday afternoon his support for a new climate bill that would ban all new fossil fuel development on US federal lands and terminate current leases that aren't producing. The bill, called the "Keep It In The Ground Act," would also ban offshore drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic and the Atlantic and would stop new leases for offshore drilling in the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. 
"I believe all of us have a moral responsibility," Sanders told the rally at the Capitol in Washington, DC, which also featured Bill McKibben, the founder of environmental advocacy group "That's just the simple truth." 
If the US doesn't act more aggressively to limit carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels, Sanders said, "the planet that we're going to be leaving for our kids is something we should be ashamed of."
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