Utica Shale Permitting Remains Active, Particularly in Belmont County

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has made available the latest weekly permitting update, which covers the week ending Saturday, October 24.

Like the previous few weeks, the latest report shows a lot of activity.  23 new permits were issued last week for horizontal drilling in Ohio's Utica shale.  14 of those 23 permits were for wells in Belmont County.  Five of those 14 went to Ascent Resources, four were for Gulfport Energy, three for XTO Energy, and two for Rice Drilling.  The remaining nine permits on the report were all issued to Antero Resources.  Five of those were for Noble County and four for Monroe County.

Despite the total number of permits listed being 23, the cumulative total of permits issued increased by only 19.  That brings the new total for permits to 2,066.  1,624 wells have been drilled, 1,026 are producing, and the Utica rig count is at 24.

View the report in its entirety below.

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