Gulfport Energy Drops Lawsuit Against Barnesville, Agreeing to Resolve Matter Out of Court

From Shale Play:
Mayor Dale Bunting says Gulfport Energy will dismiss a lawsuit it filed against the village in March. 
According to a joint statement Saturday, Gulfport and village leaders have agreed that the legal dispute is an obstacle to the resolution of their differences. Antero, which intervened as a party to the suit, agrees. As a result, Gulfport will drop the case and continue to work with Antero and Barnesville officials to come to a resolution. 
"While the parties have not resolved their differences, they do agree that the lawsuit is an impediment to discussion of and resolution of those differences," the statement notes. "The parties agree that the pending litigation does not provide the best and most cost effective forum in which to address all present concerns of all parties. 
"As a result, Gulfport will voluntarily dismiss its lawsuit at this time. Gulfport, the Village of Barnesville and Antero will continue to discuss all aspects of their relationships and will attempt to resolve their differences without resort to litigation."
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