Ohio Man Accused of Stealing $100,000 of Equipment From PA Well Pads

From the Observer-Reporter:
An Ohio man is accused of stealing more than $100,000 worth of drilling equipment from two Marcellus Shale well sites in Greene County just weeks before he was arrested at one of the sites with tools loaded in his pickup truck.

State police charged Matthew Luke Bartimus, 42, of Bethesda, Ohio, with theft and criminal trespassing in the Aug. 11 and 13 thefts from the CNX well pads in Morris Township.

During the daylight heists, Bartimus loaded a small flaring chimney, nine pipeline choking systems, nearly two-dozen shutoff valves and numerous studs and bolts into his truck, state police said.

Workers told police they saw a man matching Bartimus’ description loading “several bolts and wing valves” into his truck at the Boothe School Road well site Aug. 11.
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