State Rep. Hagan Renews Call For Fracking Chemicals Disclosure

Today, State Rep. Robert F. Hagan urged Gov. Kasich to support his legislation that would better inform communities and local agencies about chemicals used in regional fracking projects. In 2013, Rep. Hagan introduced legislation, House Bill 42, to require oil and gas companies in Ohio to disclose a full list of chemicals used in the fracking process to better serve local medical professionals and responders during spills and other accidents.

Recent reports indicate that Halliburton delayed for five days the disclosure of a list of harmful chemicals that spilled into the Ohio River. The chemical information is typically used by emergency responders to make efficient decisions regarding the health and safety of community members and the surrounding environment.

“While this is not the time for ‘I told you so,’ it is disheartening to me that this disaster could have been better controlled if this piece of common-sense legislation was enacted,” said Rep. Hagan. “We have been told to trust the state agencies that oversee the fracking process. What we see now is the result of that blind trust­—earthquakes and chemical spills.”

Rep. Hagan’s legislation has only received sponsor testimony in House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee.

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