Family Makes Deal With MWCD for Mineral Rights

Tappan Lake
From the Akron Beacon Journal:
The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District has received a strange Utica shale leasing donation. 
Jeff and Kathleen Paravano who own 35 acres at Tappan Lake in Harrison County have offered the district a 20 percent interest in their mineral rights. 
The district accepted the offer. 
The donation is being made with the expectation that the district will, in good faith, attempt to include the Paravano property in any lease negotiations with drillers for adjacent MWCD property. 
The request was prompted by an appreciation of the district's ability to negotiate an environmentally friendly leases. 
The district has not leased any of its lands at Tappan.
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This is an interesting arrangement, especially considering that it was "prompted by an appreciation of the district's ability to negotiate...environmentally friendly leases."  With the way environmental groups lambaste the MWCD every time they sign a new lease or water sales agreement, it didn't seem like anyone appreciated the environmentally friendly nature of the leases they had negotiated.

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