Shale Cited as Major Reason for Increase in New Construction for Stark County

From Ohio Gas & Oil:
A boom in new construction across Stark County in the past year is thought by Commissioner Richard Regula to be due to Ohio's emerging gas and oil industry. This is because the growth mainly consists of new housing, businesses and factories. 
Regula gathered data from the county auditor's office on Wednesday on the number of new building permits that have been issued in the past year and the values attached to each of those new projects. The data indicates building has almost doubled from 2013 to 2014. In 2013, the county had 548 new construction projects valued at $88,768,185, compared to 635 new projects valued at $170,818,974 at the same time this year. 
"This is new construction," said Regula. "It appears to be a lot of new housing, and I also know there are seven new hotels being built across the county this year."
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