Article Looks at How Shale is Helping Ohio Industry

Energy From Shale has taken a look at some stories and numbers that demonstrate the positive effects that shale development has had on Ohio's economy.  Here are a few of the items that are featured:

Drilling pipe awaits use on a Hess drilling site.  As shale energy production
has picked up in Ohio and across the Pennsylvania state line, demand for
materials to support the energy industry has grown in tandem.  According to
a recent study, shale development has brought $18.7 billion in investments
to Ohio, which has included the construction of several new steel mills.
A drilling rig hums in the early morning on a farm outside of Carrollton, Ohio.
"[Energy development has] been so good for the farmers because it got a lot
of farmers out of debt... Even though we've got farmers who are millionaires,
most of them stay on the farm and keep turning the soil.  They just love farming."
- Ralph Lucas, retired sheriff of Carroll County, Ohio
You can view the whole post, with several more pictures and more video, by clicking here.

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