Geology Holds Key to Why Southern Utica Shale Has Emerged as the Place to Be

From Business Journal Daily:
The geological makeup of the southern Utica shale play in eastern Ohio explains why energy companies drilling there are experiencing higher rates of production than in the northern sections of the play. 
Much of it has to do with geological pressure and the porosity of two rock formations -- the Point Pleasant and the Utica -- often collectively referred to as the Utica shale, explains Jeff Ventura, president and CEO of Range Resources.
"The reservoir quality is much better in the Point Pleasant than it is in the Utica," Ventura told the Hart Energy DUG East conference June 4. "The northern third of the play is more about the Utica than it is the Point Pleasant." 
The hydrocarbons in the Utica shale are less prolific as those found in the Point Pleasant, a stratum of rock that rests just below the Utica, Ventura said, as he pointed to a map that details a cross section of the play as one moves north.
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