Links for 6/9/14: Ohio Geologist Speaks Out Against Protesters, Chesapeake Fire Sale Continues, and More

Akron Beacon Journal:  Athens County activists come under fire from Ohio geologist   -   "An Ohio state official is unhappy with continued criticism of Ohio's injection well program.  Geologist Tom Tomastik said, "Here is the kind of crap I have to deal with from..."

The Columbus Dispatch:  Plan to ‘sell’ fracking in state parks went on longer than reported   -   "New emails show that the Kasich administration did not end its consideration of a plan to sell Ohioans on the benefits of fracking in state parks in..."

Press release:  Rose Rock Midstream to Acquire Transportation Assets From Chesapeake   -   "Rose Rock Midstream, L.P. (NYSE:RRMS) today announced that it has executed a definitive agreement to acquire crude oil trucking assets from a subsidiary of Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK). The transaction is expected to close during the second quarter of 2014 and..."

The State Journal:  Michigan Attorney General charges Chesapeake Energy with racketeering, fraud for canceling leases   -   "Michigan's attorney general has added racketeering and fraud to the charges against Oklahoma-based Chesapeake Energy, claiming the company victimized private landowners in the..."

American Petroleum Institute:  Study: Big savings for Ohio school districts, taxpayers from new oil and gas production   -   "A new study shows that America’s shale energy revolution is saving millions for Ohio school districts and other government offices, said Executive Director of API-Ohio Chris Zeigler.  “The oil and natural gas revolution isn’t just supporting manufacturers, it’s helping to keep costs down for Ohio schools and government ..."  Why the shale revolution is more boon than bane   -   "It is easy to forget how rapidly the shale revolution has transformed the US. Less than a decade ago, all projections were for rising oil and gas imports. Today, it is the world’s largest oil and gas producer, oil import dependence has..."

Washington Examiner:  EPA officially backs fracking, then uses tax dollars to oppose it   -   "Seeking to explain an apparently puzzling policy move, President Reagan once quipped that “sometimes the administration's right hand doesn't know what its far right hand is doing.” President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency has a left hand and a far left hand..."

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