Shale Gas - Is It Really Just a Bubble?

From Forbes:
One of the more interesting phenomena related to the media coverage of the oil and natural gas industry in recent years has been the massively disproportionate attention paid by reporters and editors to a couple of degreed geologists, David Hughes and Art Berman.  Both of these gentlemen have effectively self-promoted themselves into positions of media prominence over the last few years based on their respective, similar theories that the shale oil and natural gas revolution in the United States is somehow a “bubble” that is on the verge of bursting.
Nevermind the thousands of practicing oil and gas geologists, engineers and other professionals in the industry itself who, based on hundreds of billions of dollars in investment in shale oil and natural gas resources by their companies, obviously disagree with these two.  Berman and Hughes are regularly elevated by unquestioning print, radio and TV media outlets across the nation to equal footing with the remainder of their profession in article after article.
Read the whole article here. 

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