Radioactive Drilling Waste Regs to Be Removed from Budget Proposal

From JDSupra:
Ohio Governor John Kasich’s proposed budget was introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives in early February as HB 59. Our prior analysis of the original bill can be found here. HB 59 includes amendments requested by three Ohio agencies that would govern the disposal of drilling wastes containing naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) and technologically-enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials (TENORM). See our summary of HB 59’s NORM/TENORM provisions here. But these provisions may be on their way out of the budget bill.
State Representative Dave Hall—chairman of the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee—said in a recent interview (subscription required) that HB 59’s drilling-waste amendments “just needed a little more work and I expect that will probably end up being a bill itself.” 
Read the whole article by clicking here. 

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