FracTracker Alliance Fights Drilling From New Ohio Office

From the Youngstown Vindicator:
The Wean Foundation took a damp and dingy basement space and turned it into one of the coolest nonprofit-organization incubator spaces possible. 
It has 2-inch-thick exposed beams and exposed limestone-and-mortar walls dating to the Civil War along with contemporary furnishings and office space. 
Auch was hired by the Pittsburgh-based Frac-Tracker to extend the organization’s research of the Marcellus Shale play in Pennsylvania into Ohio’s Utica Shale play. 
But unlike much of the talk about drilling, groundwater and injection wells, Auch says FracTracker’s focus is on science. 
And he thinks that’s why the Wean Foundation “took us in,” he said in a recent interview. 
“They saw that we’re not going to go up on a drilling rig and lock ourself down on it. We’re trying to use data to make that same case that those folks locking themselves to drill rigs are making.”
Read the whole report here. 

It's interesting that Auch admits that they are trying to make the same case as the anti-drilling protesters.  In the past, FracTracker has attempted to claim that it is an unbiased organization that simply wants the truth about fracking.  In reality they are simply attempting to come up with science to fit a pre-existing anti-drilling agenda.

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