FrackNation Producer Calls Out Shoddy Journalism in Matter of Unsealed PA Court Records

We posted previously about the case of the Hallowich family, who filed a lawsuit claiming that fracking was destroying their children's health and received a settlement which bound them to a non-disclosure agreement.  The media sought to have the court records unsealed through some legal maneuvering, and they were successful.  Phelim McAleer, one of the producers of FrackNation, writes about what happened next in a guest article today.

From Hot Air:
The court decided that there was no reason why the lawsuit covering the children should be kept secret and ordered all the documents should be released.
Cue: much excitement from journalists; they had managed to destroy the veil of secrecy around a fracking lawsuit. Letters were being written to the Pulitzer committee. “Thank you” speeches were being composed.
Then the hundreds of pages of documents were released.
Cue: pretty much complete silence. There were no detailed exposes; there were no sensational headlines or serialized articles. And there was a very big reason for the silence.
To the dismay of anti-fracking activists and, I suspect, their journalistic supporters, the document dump confirmed that the Hallowiches had lied to them. The documents confirmed that even as they were claiming to media that fracking was damaging their children’s health, the Hallowiches were sitting on scientific and medical evidence that their children were healthy and not affected by fracking.
Read the whole guest article here. 

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