Decision Coming on Transporting Fracking Waste on Ohio River

From The Columbus Dispatch:
The Obama administration is inching ahead with a plan that would allow wastewater from “fracking” to be shipped on barges, fueling a debate about whether it is safe or risks polluting drinking water.
The Coast Guard last month sent to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget a proposal to allow the barging of fracking wastewater. If the plan goes forward, it would become a proposed rule open for public comment and could be finalized soon.
The wastewater is a mix of liquids, including fluid sent down hydraulic fracturing wells to crack rocks and release gas, and water from deep within the earth that rushes to the surface when natural gas wells yield gas.
Environmental groups worry that the fracking waste could make water unfit for drinking if spilled by barges.
Read the entire story here. 

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