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From Marcellus Drilling News:
Among the amazing sights in the movie…Shelly lives not far from Salt Springs State Park. People in that part of PA for generations have talked about methane bubbling up in the “salt springs” of the park. Shelly decided to conduct a science experiment. She took along a jug, collected air above one of the springs, and set it on fire—just like was done in Gasland. But this was outside! In a state park! Obvious conclusion: methane occurs naturally in water in many places. Fracking does not necessarily cause methane to appear in water supplies. 
Shelly also caught her own version of a flaming faucet on film from a landowner who lives nowhere near any kind of gas or oil drilling (or fracking). The result, and the landowner’s comments, are laugh-out-loud funny. 
Another scene, near the end of the film, shows an interview “caught on tape” of Josh Fox responding to a questioner. Fox admits that he knew the famous flaming faucet in Colorado was not caused by fracking activity. He said the fact it was not from fracking “was beside the point.” Yeah. No Josh, it was the entire point of the movie. And this short clip of Fox himself is one of the most damning pieces of evidence against Gasland. 
Truthland is a devastating rebuttal of most of (if not all of) the inaccurate claims and innuendo in Josh Fox’s fictional film.
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