The Rundown - Links to the Ten Oil & Gas Stories of the Day

A small article with a different angle on why drilling on public lands may not be good, even for those who are pro-drilling in general.

Kristy Foster of Farm & Dairy looks at the Buell cautionary tale and warns about selling mineral rights too quickly.

CNBC examines some of the things fracktivists are doing to fight oil & gas activity.

Northeast Ohio Catholic dioceses to conduct programs on oil & gas drilling. columnist writes about why we can eagerly anticipate Gasland 2 "not [letting] the truth get in the way of a good story."

A Chinese petroleum company is weighing a bid on Chesapeake assets.

An article asks why there are so few fracking accidents on record if it is such a horrifically dangerous technology.

Rolling Stone's oil & gas industry hitman Jeff Goodell fawns over Josh Fox and his latest "documentary," a short film aimed at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Athens News continues to have questions about Larry Wickstrom's firing.

State of Ohio mulls over selling water for fracking.

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