Energy Industry Insider Strikes Back Against Alec Baldwin's Anti-Fracking Rally

Alec Baldwin hosted an anti-gas, anti-fracking party on Saturday in New York, complete with a screening of Gasland accompanied by director Josh Fox.

A longtime energy industry employee responded via a blog post:
I'm sure it was a packed house at the Landmark Theatre on Saturday night. The docu-farce ''Gasland'' was screened, followed by a panel discussion moderated by the actor Alec Baldwin. It fleetingly crossed my mind to attend, but I knew I would not be welcome. 
I am a trained engineer who has spent my career in the energy business. Alec Baldwin's crowd is probably not interested in what I have to say. It's not dramatic and flies in the face of most of the stereotypes being pushed. There's no little guy being taken advantage of. There's no robber baron corporation. There's no government conspiracy plot. Plus, the science and facts take more than 10 minutes to understand. 
''Gasland'' was screened as if it is an expose of what is happening outside of New York, and what will happen in New York if hydraulic fracturing is permitted. The truth is that it's a sleight of hand that has duped a lot of people and is making civil discussion of the future of natural gas almost impossible. Entertainers - like Josh Fox and Alec Baldwin - want to cause a commotion. It's good for their business and for themselves. 
''Gasland'' leads you to believe that ''fracking'' is new. The truth is that hydraulic fracturing to make wells more productive is more than 60 years old. It is used in 90 percent of oil and gas wells, many geothermal wells and even water wells. 
''Gasland'' perpetuates the lie that 596 harmful chemicals pollute every job. The truth is that the entire list of chemical additives is available on, a searchable database with well-by-well records. In New York, revealing all additives is required to receive a permit to drill. Proportions are proprietary, just like any other ''recipe.'' Look at any canned or packaged food you eat: there are ingredients and chemicals galore, but not the percentages or amount. 
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