Thursday, August 3, 2017

Undermanned FERC Faces Backlog of Pipeline Projects Awaiting Approval

From Bloomberg:
The backlog of natural gas pipelines awaiting Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval is piling up as the agency enters its sixth month without enough members to approve $14 billion worth of infrastructure projects, and gas suppliers and pipeline companies could face longer-term impacts. 
Those awaiting approval include the proposed $5.5 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline, owned by Dominion Energy and other partners, and the $2.1 billion Nexus pipeline, a joint project from DTE Energy Co. and an Enbridge subsidiary. 
“The situation is manageable for the time being, but just barely, because we are a few months away from major delays, which would be disruptive to the construction of pipelines and gas producers,” James Lucier, managing director of Capital Alpha Partners LLC, a policy research firm that follows energy investments, told Bloomberg BNA. 
“If we don’t have a quorum by September, we definitely need to worry,” he said.
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