Residents Express Concern Over Clinton Shale Drilling

From the Star Beacon:
Two new horizontal shale production wells along Rome-Rock Creek Road are causing concern for some nearby residents who said they’ve been unable to learn much about the project. 
Drilling for the wells was finished Monday, state officials said. Neighbor Donald Brown, who owns nine acres just north of one of the well’s bottom holes, which passes nearby Ketchum Road, said he can see or hear it daily and called it a nuisance and an eyesore. 
“It looks like the county fair down there at night — bright lights and constant humming” audible from inside his home, he told the Star Beacon Thursday. “If I can hear it over here I’m sure the people farther on down can hear it more.”

Brown based his unease on the recent Utica pipeline explosion in southeastern Noble County and local complaints of natural gas leaks reported to the township fire department. He is also concerned well production could create “booms” that will “knock you out of your skin.” 
He said he and other township and Roaming Shores residents living near the municipal border had hoped to learn more about the wells, which were permitted in late January.
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