ETP Says Rover Will Be Fully Up and Running by June 1

From Seeking Alpha's transcript of a 1st-quarter earnings call with Energy Transfer Partners:
Now for an update on our other projects, and starting with Rover. As a reminder, Phase 1A was placed into service on August 31, 2017. And Phase 1B was placed into service on December 15 of 2017, allowing Rover to transport up to 1.7 Bcf per day. 
And last week, as I mentioned, we received approval from FERC to place additional Phase 2 facilities into service. This approval allows for the full commercial operational capability of the Market Zone North Segment, inclusive of delivery into Vector [pipeline] for delivery to end users throughout Michigan and the Dawn gas hub. These latest approvals by FERC allow for approximately 75% of Rover capacity to be in service. 
Construction of the full project is nearing completion. All HDD crossings have been completed. And we are progressing with final hydrostatic testing and tie-in work to achieve mechanical completion and expect to ask FERC to place the rest of the 3.25 Bcf per day project into service by June 1.
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Even as construction nears completion, the Ohio EPA continues to nip at ETP's heels.  From Kallanish Energy:
The Ohio EPA and the company disagree on the source of low-level contamination found in drilling fluids used for horizontal directional drilling under the Tuscarawas River along the pipeline route. 
The company said the contamination appears to have come from the Tuscarawas River or stream sediments. 
The EPA disagreed with that contention and asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in a Tuesday note to order a more sweeping analysis of the contamination. That includes looking at a disposal site used by the company, near Ashland, Ohio, and preparing a groundwater monitoring plan. 
The EPA said the contamination has been detected at numerous pipeline drilling sites across northern Ohio in similar concentrations and that it appears the drilling fluids are being contaminated in other ways. 
It wants the company to determine the cause and eliminate the problem. The contamination issue arose last February.
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