City of Green Holds Town Hall to Address Concerns Over Pipeline Safety

From The Suburbanite:
As construction continues to progress on the NEXUS pipeline, safety is seemingly on everyone’s mind. 
Residents have spoken at several Green City Council meetings asking for officials to hold a town hall to discuss the pipeline. Those residents got their request when the city brought in several experts to speak about pipeline safety and what residents should expect. 
The town hall, held at Queen of Heaven Parish Life Center, provided information from several speakers and those in attendance had the opportunity to submit questions to be answered. 
Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer said some people in the city may not have accepted the pipeline, but he asked those in attendance to put aside their differences. 
“This meeting is about education,” Neugebauer said. “Safety as I see it is about being educated.” 
The main speaker during the meeting was Executive Director of the National Pipeline Safety Trust Carl Weimer. The trust is an organization that promotes pipeline safety through education and advocacy, increased access to information and partnerships with residents, safety advocates, government and industry resulting in safer communities and a healthier environment. 
Weimer has served as a member of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Technical Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Standards Committee, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association’s External Advisory Panel and the governor appointed Washington Citizen Committee on Pipeline Safety. His degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Education comes from the University of Michigan, as well he has a degree in Industrial Electronics Technology from Peninsula College.
Find out more about the meeting by clicking here.

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