BLM Blocking Eclipse Resources From Drilling in Wayne National Forest

From Kallanish Energy:
Eclipse Resources has been unable to drill on privately owned, leased land within the Wayne National Forest in southern Ohio because of a mandated federal review, a company executive told a congressional committee. 
Melissa Hamsher, vice president, Health, Safety, Environmental and Regulatory for the Pennsylvania-based company, testified Wednesday before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Resources Committee. 
The unfair weaponization of the National Environmental Policy Act to block desired projects and development was the subject of the committee hearing, Kallanish Energy reports. 
Drilling on federal lands is lagging behind drilling on privately owned lands because of federal red tape and long delays and reviews, Hamsher said. 
She said Eclipse had acquired leases on private lands within the Ohio national forest in December 2016, with plans to drill into the Utica Shale. 
Prior to the federal auction, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management had determined the lease sale would have no adverse impacts.
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