Stalled EPA Clean Power Plan Called a "Trojan Horse" for Natural Gas

From Forbes:
It was widely acknowledged that the Clean Power Plan (CPP), the Obama administration’s program to cut greenhouse emissions, was hard on coal. Now, upon closer examination, more experts say the plan could seriously undermine the country’s natural gas industry. 
For now, the CPP is on ice. The U.S. Supreme Court stayed the plan on Feb. 9, sending it to a lower court for a ruling and undermining Obama’s signature environmental policy after critics had argued it was federal overreach. It was the first time the Supreme Court halted a regulation even before the lower court ruled. If courts eventually judge that the White House overstepped its authority, that may be good news for the natural gas industry. 
Like many observers, my initial view of the CPP was that the coal industry was the big loser. That much is indisputable; but when the final plan was first unveiled, many observers, including myself, overlooked the punch in the nose that the CPP is on natural gas, too. But it has become clear to many experts, and to me, that the final CPP was quite a Trojan Horse to natural gas power generation. 
Over the past decade, mostly because of declining commodity prices and competition, the natural gas power generation sector in the United States has made incredible strides. Natural gas became the go-to, base-load of electricity powering the grid, getting power to American homes and businesses when it was needed. As for the beneficial impact of the use of natural gas on the environment, long before there was a proposed Waxman-Markey Bill or talk of a Paris Accord, the use of natural gas for power generation significantly reduced U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.
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