OOGA's Bennett Says There's "Not a Chance" for 3 Cracker Plants in Appalachia

From Columbus Business First:
Energy companies are considering building up to three ethane cracker plants in Appalachia – one each in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. 
How likely is it that all – or even two – get built? 
"I want one. I'm not greedy," said Shawn Bennett, executive vice president of theOhio Oil and Gas Association. "Do I think three will be built? No, there's not a chance. Two? Probably not. I do hope one does. I don't know which it's going to be … But I'll feel much better when I start seeing dirt turn on one of those projects." 
Cracker plants take ethane found in some natural gas streams and "crack," or break down, the molecules. What comes from that is a common feedstock in many everyday plastic products.
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