Law Firm Meets with Landowners to Discuss Strategy in Pipeline Negotiations

From the Norwalk Reflector:
What if your land was being taken for pipeline construction without your permission? 
For some in Huron County, that is exactly what they are facing as Spectra Energy plans to construct 36-inch pipes in its NEXUS Gas Transmission project. 
The project will transport natural gas to markets throughout the United States and Canada. 
This prospect had many landowners concerned about where that left their land as construction threatens to tear up farm land and uproot trees. For others, the pipes carrying flammable gases have been planned within 70 feet of their homes. 
Law firm Goldman & Braunstein, LLP held a meeting Thursday at the Bellevue Public Library to discuss options available to the landowners to ensure they get a “fair and proper” compensation, and to ensure the pipes are “put in properly.”
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