Geologist: Obama is Wrong for Putting Kibosh on Keystone XL Pipeline

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette comes a letter from geologist Craig B. Clemmens which states his reasons for finding fault with President Obama's opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline project.  Here are some of Clemmens' comments:
President Barack Obama could not be more wrong in his reasons for canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, particularly on the environmental issues (“Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline,” Nov. 7).

First, canceling the pipeline will not prevent the oil from being used. Canada will simply build a pipeline to Vancouver instead of Houston. Canadians will get all of the pipeline construction jobs. Eh? Then the oil will be shipped by tanker to China.

The Chinese will get all the refinery jobs. Any of the oil that comes into the United States will be transported by truck or rail. There are far fewer pipeline spills than tanker, truck or rail spills. 
There is another aspect that I have not heard discussed. This is that the mining of tar sands is actually an environmental cleanup operation.
Read the whole letter by clicking here.

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