Urgent Need for More Pipelines a Hot Topic at Shale Insight Conference

From the Pittsburgh Business Times:
Pipelines are the topic of the day at Shale Insight, a convention for the natural gas industry. 
Legacy gas production across Pennsylvania has tanked and the number of new wells being drilled is at its lowest level since 2009 after oil and gas prices dropped significantly over the last year. The low prices have lead to a glut of natural gas in the region; there's more natural gas available than can be used locally. Industry representatives are thus pushing for pipeline projects to send natural gas to other markets. 
"The interesting thing is that we all make the same stuff," said Joe Colella, a senior vice president with Sunoco Logistics, speaking about natural gas and oil producers at an introductory panel in front of hundreds of conference attendees. "What matters is how do you get it to market most competitively?" 
Gas producers in Pennsylvania would be significantly helped by new and improved pipelines in the region. But that's going to involve a long process of building an infrastructure to take natural gas from Pennsylvania's shale fields to international markets.
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