New Ozone Regulations From EPA Getting Cold Reception From Many in Ohio

From Watchdog Arena:
The EPA is attempting to flex its muscle by tightening ozone limits and increasing regulations that could choke 85 percent of Ohio’s economy. These added burdens threaten thousands of jobs in the Buckeye state, according to a study from the Center for Regulatory Solutions. 
The EPA is getting bipartisan pushback from Ohio lawmakers and business community leaders. In addition, a new poll shows Ohioans are tired of overregulation from the federal government. 
A National Association of Manufacturers poll found that that 65 percent of Ohio voters believe their air quality is good or excellent. 69 percent believe increased EPA regulations will make it more challenging to start or expand a business. A whopping 78 percent see these regulations as causing them to fork over more in taxes. 
The EPA is attempting to amend the ozone standard of 75 parts per billion (ppb) down to the range of 65 to 70 ppb. This change will have a significant impact on Ohioans and has united labor unions, construction companies, manufacturers and local governments in an attempt to force the EPA into keeping the current standard of 75 ppb.
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The EPA clearly feels that whatever economic impact may be felt by the changes is a necessary loss in order to curb dangerous emissions.  It is not surprising that many disagree.  The above article goes on to note that President Obama shot down the EPA's attempt to enact stricter regulations in 2011 due to the economic impacts it would have.

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