New Report on Keystone XL Isn't So New

From Forbes:
The U.S. arm of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) has been making news this week with a ‘new’ report claiming the Obama Administration drastically underestimated carbon emissions of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The report seeks to make the case as to why the final portion of the Keystone pipeline system should not be built. 
As tantalizing as the report sounds, supporters of the pipeline have been quick to point out the report is actually a recycled 2013 SEI report which the State Department took into account, and largely dismissed. 
SEI Researchers Peter Erickson and Michael Lazaraus have claimed the estimated carbon emissions would increase four times as much as the State Department has predicted. Claiming heat-trapping gas emissions will spike by up to 120 metric tons every year compared to official U.S. Government estimates, which conclude construction of this leg of the Keystone Pipeline System, will not significantly contribute to climate change.
Read the whole article by clicking here.

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