Are Shale Towns the Barren Wastelands That Activists Make Them Out to Be?

From Tri-State Shale Traveler:
You see, these areas aren’t “barren fracking wastelands” that the anti-fracking crowd talks about but has never witnessed firsthand. They are small coal towns that now have hope. These are towns that cheer when a mini-mart opens new second and third locations, employing a couple additional town residents to serve the drilling and fracking crews. These towns now see new life in the small restaurants and sleepy stores that were only recently struggling to keep their doors open. With shale gas bringing new life to town, they’ve actually had to add new staff and new hours to accommodate workers coming off shifts of all hours. They see their children and grandchildren now being able to stay at home and find solid, well paying jobs in the community. This is something that was only dreamt about till fracking and shale came to town.
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