Trumbull County Class Action Suit Filed Over Oil & Gas Leases

From the Tribune Chronicle:
A couple on Perkins Greenville Road have filed a class-action lawsuit in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court attempting to void an oil and gas lease they signed with North Coast Energy of Youngstown. 
The filing shows that Kenneth and Martha Cole will represent the interests of the entire class, which they say consists of more than 40 separate parties with identical claims against North Coast. 
The Coles claim that they signed a lease with North Coast in 2006 for a period of "greater than three years'' in order for the company to develop the gas and oil resources under their property. They say that development has not happened. 
North Coast has since sold the mineral rights to EnerVest Operating LLC of Cleveland, a subsidiary of EnerVest in Houston. That transaction took place in 2009. 
The Coles allege in the suit that the contract was notarized by Gale J. Burn, a notary public, but that Burn was never at the Coles' home when the lease was executed, nor did she ever witness their signatures. Nor was Burn present to witness their signatures for a memoradum regarding the lease. The lease and memorandum were executed by Steven Eakin on behalf of North Coast.
Read the rest of the article here.

This lawsuit resembles previous suits filed in the area.

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